Timeline of the Wyneken House from 1926-2016


It has been awhile since there has been an update on the Wyneken House restoration. A lot has taken place since the last post. From the outside it actually looks like an inhabitable house now. However, the inside is still in need of a lot of work before it reaches that point. Following are some pictures chronicling the progress of the last year.

Drilling Well

Installation of the well, with the assistance of a grant from Adams County. This allows the Friends Of Wyneken to have hot and cold running water in the basement.

Wyneken Bathroom

We have a bathroom! No more porta-potty for this group!

Preparing Wood for Steps

Oak planks and boards, that had previously been sawn, being put through a planer to smooth them and make them all of equal dimension, prior to be used to build the stairs in the house.


Engaging the Public

FOW events . . . Speaking to a group of visitors at the house and bringing Christmas cheer to shut-ins.

Electric & Stairs

Renovation & Restoration . . . 21st century electrical wiring meets 19th century construction! And two beautifully crafted oak staircases.

Major Yardwork

“Major” Yardwork . . . A trench to control run-off, high places made low and low places filled in , and excavation for a stone drive down to the rear of the basement.


Since having to move the Wyneken House 10 years ago to prevent its destruction, the Friends of Wyneken have slowly but steadily worked to restore the House and make it accessible to the public as an interpretive center. Even in its current state as a work in progress, it has been well received with over 300 visitors in just the past couple of years alone.

The restoration process has been long, and very costly. The Friends of Wyneken’s work is funded solely by volunteer work, individual donations, fund raisers, and grants when available.  We are extremely grateful to Adams County Community Foundation for its grant to the Friends of Wyneken in 2015, which helped fund the installation of our well.

Ken Selking